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Science Bowl Competition

Saturday's Ranking from competition. Harvard-Westlake is new this year too! It was a close match between North Hollywood and Harvard-Westlake.

1 - North Hollywood A
2 - Harvard-Westlake
3 - Van Nuys A
4 - Bravo A
5 - ?
6 - Lincoln B

 And I do not know Lincoln A's ranking. :[ I am going to miss Science Bowl. I wanted to cry but every time I thought some more of what happened, my anger stopped me. I am proud of B for getting so far up though! :)

Who shall update this community now? Wayne? Since Paulson is giving the tests during the end of the school year, I will most likely find out who is going to make the team for next year. Maybe Helen or Karen will make the team. Then maybe they can update once I am gone.
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