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Recruitment Meeting

Just to keep this comm alive, here's another entry.

We had our recruitment meeting last Friday, and we mostly got to-be juniors and seniors.  No current freshmen showed up, which was disappointing since I'd heard that some of them were planning to come.  I've been thinking, that I don't really want to have to deal with Paulson anymore, although she did help me a lot.  If it wasn't for Nian, Bernie, and Richard, I probably wouldn't come back for the competition or even think about helping out in the summer.  Although I was on the same team as David and George, their apathy irritates me since SB meant so much to me.  After next year, there's still Nian, but I think he'll know enough by then.  I don't need to be around.

Hm, that turned a bit personal.  But...yes, next year's group doesn't seem too promising.  No one readily volunteered to do lectures for the summer...

There's still the summer retreat!  This year we're staying at Paulson's brother's condo, which is smaller than our last one but has a swimming pool.  Lots of Scrabble shall ensue.  Hopefully it will be as fun as the Mammoth trip...'tas all.

I think one last entry for me, detailing the Mammoth trip, and that'll be all.  I think this comm is gonna die......
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