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NoHo visit

Time to give the "report" from my point of view.

In detail...in high definition (TV).

We were all giddy with excitement at the idea of being at Noho in 4...3...2...1...hours, all the more so as 6th period came around.  We went and caught the DASH, which came later than expected (just that I don't know the schedule).  We got to Chinatown at...I don't know when, but I went to buy my Panda cookies and the others went on ahead to the post office to mail scholarship stuff.  I called my sister out to pick up Minh's laptop so I wouldn't have to go home, and she ended up giving us a ride over to Union Station.  There, we got on the Red Line and arrived at the North Hollywood station at 3:45.  I forgot to take into account the 0.8 miles we had to walk to the school, and we got there half an hour later than I told them.  So at 4...

First impressions:  their school is in a nice location.  Lots of trees and nice-ish houses.  Compared to us, of course.  Their school doesn't have much of a courtyard, by which I mean the area in front of the main building (I think it's the main building...) where students hang around waiting for their friends.  This was at 4, and there was a surprising amount of students around.  Their doors are blue.  The walls grey.  I never thought I'd say this, but our school seems a little more lively because of the color scheme.  Theirs is a little prison-like, which I have said before.  for our hallways we have light shining in through the windows, yeah?  It didn't seem like that at theirs, but I think it's because they have more trees than us -_-.

Their stairways are rather narrow (remember that I'm getting all this from the ONE hallway we walked down, the ONE stairway we went up/down)...the room in which they conducted the meeting was rather messy and cluttered.  I'd say, a little like Machamer's in terms of the amount of stuff in there.  Meaning, things aren't always put away and all.

The meeting itself - we went straight to buzzers.  Against B team, we finally lost by more than a mere margin, with approximately 190-18.  Then came a series of tiebreakers (DAMN THOSE THINGS) that were ~...we did ok.  When A team returned (they went to get food) we sort of played against them, except that their captain was on our side because he was wearing an orange shirt.  The other side won, but Anguel made us look good.

We had to leave by 5:10 because Jackson had the basketball retreat to go to, and he had to be there by 6:30.  If we hadn't done the "Lincoln shuffle" we would've gotten back in time, but since the guys were in the front I couldn't do anything.  I did calculate everything right though, so it's not my fault.

Am I the only person who's ever heard of the Lincoln Shuffle???

For your information, I don't walk that way,

Conclusion:  I didn't learn anything helpful from the experience other than that we don't need to change anything.  Their way works for them, ours for us, and it should stay that way. 

I had high expectations and was disappointed.  I wish I could give rave reviews, but this is all I can offer.
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