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The Nerd Herd! [entries|friends|calendar]
Lincoln HS Science Bowl Team

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Science Bowl Competition [24 Feb 2008|07:28pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Saturday's Ranking from competition. Harvard-Westlake is new this year too! It was a close match between North Hollywood and Harvard-Westlake.

1 - North Hollywood A
2 - Harvard-Westlake
3 - Van Nuys A
4 - Bravo A
5 - ?
6 - Lincoln B

 And I do not know Lincoln A's ranking. :[ I am going to miss Science Bowl. I wanted to cry but every time I thought some more of what happened, my anger stopped me. I am proud of B for getting so far up though! :)

Who shall update this community now? Wayne? Since Paulson is giving the tests during the end of the school year, I will most likely find out who is going to make the team for next year. Maybe Helen or Karen will make the team. Then maybe they can update once I am gone.

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Scrimmage Update! [19 Jan 2008|08:36pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

First of all, I'm sorry Helen! I remembered to wish good luck from you to everyone, but when I was about to say it, Paulson started talking and I forgot all about it. Your good luck worked some magic on me though? :)

My mom woke Wayne and me up at the ungodly school hour and after eating, we picked up Jeffrey at his house. Turns out that we didn't have to honk for him. We arrived at the LADWP and walked to Science Bowl central. I asked Jeffrey to check the time and it was 7:25 am. Where was everyone?? Wayne was cranky because of his fever and he went the other way to the top where he saw a door instead of following me downstairs where I remembered the place was. We only waited for a minute before we heard Paulson and everyone was here except Richard. George had to call Richard and it was a good thing he did because Richard barely got out of the house.

We signed in at Science Bowl central and waited in the cafeteria. Tracey and David went crazy with the sugar and cream packets...It became more like coffee syrup than coffee. The waiting was pretty long and the speaker droned on and on. Paulson pointed out to us the smear on a window and we think it's a pigeon who smacked itself at the window. There was poop though so the pigeon released its bowels when it smacked itself?

Paulson had to call Richard a second time because he did not arrive at 7:45. Richard got lost and he was at the Staples center. Paulson had to call a second time because he ended up somewhere else. She gave him directions for some time and he finally arrived just when the matches started. :) We looked at the schedule and we were in the Los Angeles Room. Hmm, that room has dim lighting and it was pretty stuffy. This year, there are 31 schools, and 23 B teams. Science Bowl central said they are going to cut it down to 42 teams total. There are two new schools, and they are Harvard-Westlake A, Harvard-Westlake B, and Immaculate A and B. Private schools. +_+ Paulson said tuition at Harvard-Westlake was about $35,000. Jeez...

Lincoln A was in the same room as Bravo A, Granada A, North Hollywood A, Van Nuys A, El Camino Real A, and Venice A. We had three matches for the official scrimmage and we beat North Hollywood and El Camino. We lost against Granada though, but it wasn't by much. We kept getting outbuzzed! George was so pissed and I'm just kind of mad that I didn't buzz the instant I thought of the answer. There was this one match in which George waited for the clock to run until 17 seconds before he said the answer. After he said it, the match was over. He and I regretted it because it made us seem cruel and overconfident. Darn! Other matches were:

-North Hollywood beating Venice
-Granada beating North Hollywood
-Granada beating El Camino Real
-Bravo beating El Camino Real

B team apparently did pretty well on their matches. They were placed in a newbie room though which is pretty sad. :[ However, they totally slaughtered them. (: I think they won 2/3 of their matches, but I am not sure.

After the scrimmage was over, we signed up for a practice game in the Los Angeles Room. We lost against Harvard-Westlake A. I don't really know why but I know we are better than them. The score was only 8 to 32 or something at the end. The moderator wouldn't let us sign up for another match in the same room so we moved to another room. This was our last match and Paulson stayed with Team B's practice match in the Los Angeles Room. We beat one of the stronger teams. I can't remember who it was now. All in all, it was a good scrimmage for us. I'm happy I got the hair question right. The answer was 3 genes and 6 alleles. I also remembered waterspout from reading somewhere!

It is almost close to the time when we will start cramming, and cramming, and even more cramming. I don't care if geology and physics are not my study, I'm still reading those. Chemistry seems like a lost case to me. I can't seem to do the math portions. Especially when they ask those percentage questions of what percent is this solute of a solution, etc.

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[17 Jan 2008|07:08pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Not sure if this applies to anyone save Wenge (go Wenge!); I've been off too long.

Can't trust sources either, so sorry if I have the SB 2008 Scrimmage date wrong.

Not typing in complete sentences either. 

Huh. Didn't know "blah" was such an expressive mood.

Good luck to you and the teams :)

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The Unofficial Scrimmage of 12/2/07 [04 Dec 2007|08:19pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Since Michelle Tran has not said anything to George and Richard yet, I'm assuming she is going to stay on the team.

On Scrimmage day, Paulson and Racquel, Ericka's mom, drove us to Cal State Northridge. The schools there were Granada, North Hollywood, and El Camino Real. I'll cut off all the trivial details and tell you the results.

Lincoln B Team lost every match and Lincoln A Team lost 3 matches. If I remember correctly that is. North Hollywood B team by about 100 points while North Hollywood A team bet us by 14 points about. We stayed until 6:00 pm for these matches.

We currently have to work on buzzing in faster and we have to learn the basics of every subject. I almost got into a fight with Michelle again on something small. :/ Bad me.

Today during practice, Nian and I tried captain-ing, and I'm not sure how it's going to work out. We know for sure that George is going to be captain and most likely Richard. For B team, most likely it is Tracey.

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Some more updates [30 Nov 2007|06:56pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Since Andy asked about the team captains, we currently haven't decided on captains. It does seem like,

A Team - George, Richard
B Team - Ericka, Tracey, Wayne

Paulson decided not to give Michelle captain position because she gets stressed too easily and lose some logical thinking. She didn't come to school today either, so we don't know if she wants to stay on the team or not. She didn't pick up when I called either.  We have unofficial scrimmage on Sunday at Cal State Northridge. We are meeting at the Lincoln Heights library at 12:45 and we have to be there by 1:30. Wish us luck! I am going to cram because I don't want to look stupid. :)

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Current Team Members [27 Nov 2007|07:14pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I haven't posted an update in a long time, so I shall do one now. We are back to our Tuesday meetings and general meetings on Friday. I feel like the Tuesday sessions aren't really making us learn enough. :/

A Team

George Luong
David Truong
Nian Liu
Richard Chhan
Wenge Wong

B Team
Jeffrey Tso
Wayne Wong
Tracey Dinh
Ericka Saracho
Michelle Tran

This is our current team right now. Michelle is re-considering her decision to be on the team due to family + college applications + Paulson problems. :/ I'll tell you guys as soon as possible what her decision is. It's this week because Paulson wants her answer soon before unofficial scrimmage on December 2nd. The replacement for Michelle would be Andy Hu.

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Science Bowl Testing Round II 10/5/07 [08 Oct 2007|06:54pm]

These 7 people are going to be on the 2 teams without a doubt.

George Luong - 94 points, top 5 in all 6 categories
David Truong - 93 points, top 5 in 3 categories
Nian Liu - 82 points, top 5 in 3 categories
Richard Chhan - 73 points, top 5 in 3 categories
Wenge Wong - 73 points, top 5 in 5 categories
Wayne Wong - 69 points, top 5 in 3 categories
Tracey Dinh - 61 points, top 5 in 3 categories

These people are competing for the 3 other spots.

Jeffrey Tso - 63 points, top 5 in 2 categories
Andy Hu - 58 points, top 5 in 1 category
Michelle Tran - 57 points, top 5 in 1 category
Erika Saracho - 51 points, top 5 in 1 category
Kevin Him - 50 points, no top 5 score
Stephanie Tran - 48 points, top 5 in category
William Eap - 43 points, top 5 in category

Our last test will be on Friday, 10/12/07. It will be 30 questions on General Science. The test will be finished rather quickly because the memorial for Ms. Kishiyama starts at 4.00 p.m.
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Science Bowl Team Testing 9-28-07 [01 Oct 2007|05:14pm]

So the results are in for the first round. We had Biology, Astronomy, and Chemistry tested on Friday. Each test was 30 points and the perfect score would be 90. Because I could not obtain the information, I just memorized the top 5 scorers for this round.

1. George Luong - 46
2. Nian _________ - 44
3 & 4. Wenge and Wayne Wong - 37
5.. Tracey Dinh - 35

Very sorry for not knowing Nian's last name. Someone help me fill it in.
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Recruitment Meeting [23 Jun 2007|10:45am]

[ mood | confused ]

Just to keep this comm alive, here's another entry.

We had our recruitment meeting last Friday, and we mostly got to-be juniors and seniors.  No current freshmen showed up, which was disappointing since I'd heard that some of them were planning to come.  I've been thinking, that I don't really want to have to deal with Paulson anymore, although she did help me a lot.  If it wasn't for Nian, Bernie, and Richard, I probably wouldn't come back for the competition or even think about helping out in the summer.  Although I was on the same team as David and George, their apathy irritates me since SB meant so much to me.  After next year, there's still Nian, but I think he'll know enough by then.  I don't need to be around.

Hm, that turned a bit personal.  But...yes, next year's group doesn't seem too promising.  No one readily volunteered to do lectures for the summer...

There's still the summer retreat!  This year we're staying at Paulson's brother's condo, which is smaller than our last one but has a swimming pool.  Lots of Scrabble shall ensue.  Hopefully it will be as fun as the Mammoth trip...'tas all.

I think one last entry for me, detailing the Mammoth trip, and that'll be all.  I think this comm is gonna die......

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[19 Jun 2007|08:07pm]


Have a great summer and good luck with your first year in college!

Everyone else have fun and best wishes too :)

It has been an awesome honor to hang with you guys.
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Our display case =) [28 Mar 2007|05:12pm]

We finished the display case...hopefully it'll draw in more members for next year.  It's located at the end of the hall (sort of) when you're walking from Wong's room towards the main office.  It's huge...

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NoHo visit [25 Mar 2007|09:11am]

[ mood | blah ]

Time to give the "report" from my point of view.

In detail...in high definition (TV).

We were all giddy with excitement at the idea of being at Noho in 4...3...2...1...hours, all the more so as 6th period came around.  We went and caught the DASH, which came later than expected (just that I don't know the schedule).  We got to Chinatown at...I don't know when, but I went to buy my Panda cookies and the others went on ahead to the post office to mail scholarship stuff.  I called my sister out to pick up Minh's laptop so I wouldn't have to go home, and she ended up giving us a ride over to Union Station.  There, we got on the Red Line and arrived at the North Hollywood station at 3:45.  I forgot to take into account the 0.8 miles we had to walk to the school, and we got there half an hour later than I told them.  So at 4...

First impressions:  their school is in a nice location.  Lots of trees and nice-ish houses.  Compared to us, of course.  Their school doesn't have much of a courtyard, by which I mean the area in front of the main building (I think it's the main building...) where students hang around waiting for their friends.  This was at 4, and there was a surprising amount of students around.  Their doors are blue.  The walls grey.  I never thought I'd say this, but our school seems a little more lively because of the color scheme.  Theirs is a little prison-like, which I have said before.  for our hallways we have light shining in through the windows, yeah?  It didn't seem like that at theirs, but I think it's because they have more trees than us -_-.

Their stairways are rather narrow (remember that I'm getting all this from the ONE hallway we walked down, the ONE stairway we went up/down)...the room in which they conducted the meeting was rather messy and cluttered.  I'd say, a little like Machamer's in terms of the amount of stuff in there.  Meaning, things aren't always put away and all.

The meeting itself - we went straight to buzzers.  Against B team, we finally lost by more than a mere margin, with approximately 190-18.  Then came a series of tiebreakers (DAMN THOSE THINGS) that were ~...we did ok.  When A team returned (they went to get food) we sort of played against them, except that their captain was on our side because he was wearing an orange shirt.  The other side won, but Anguel made us look good.

We had to leave by 5:10 because Jackson had the basketball retreat to go to, and he had to be there by 6:30.  If we hadn't done the "Lincoln shuffle" we would've gotten back in time, but since the guys were in the front I couldn't do anything.  I did calculate everything right though, so it's not my fault.

Am I the only person who's ever heard of the Lincoln Shuffle???

For your information, I don't walk that way,

Conclusion:  I didn't learn anything helpful from the experience other than that we don't need to change anything.  Their way works for them, ours for us, and it should stay that way. 

I had high expectations and was disappointed.  I wish I could give rave reviews, but this is all I can offer.

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[24 Mar 2007|12:25pm]


Need to make this short.

William came to visit me today and I'm sure I bored the crap out of him. I almost forgot how nice he is. Well everything he'll probably "report" to any of you about my painfully dull living conditions is true, and if he makes a comment to you guys about getting me posters/pictures/anything to add flare/flavor/spice to my so-called life/wall/dorm, please, don't do it/don't do it/don't do it. Just don't.

And William, if you're reading this, Thank You for coming by. I am SO sorry I was such a terrible host.

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