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Scrimmage Update!

First of all, I'm sorry Helen! I remembered to wish good luck from you to everyone, but when I was about to say it, Paulson started talking and I forgot all about it. Your good luck worked some magic on me though? :)

My mom woke Wayne and me up at the ungodly school hour and after eating, we picked up Jeffrey at his house. Turns out that we didn't have to honk for him. We arrived at the LADWP and walked to Science Bowl central. I asked Jeffrey to check the time and it was 7:25 am. Where was everyone?? Wayne was cranky because of his fever and he went the other way to the top where he saw a door instead of following me downstairs where I remembered the place was. We only waited for a minute before we heard Paulson and everyone was here except Richard. George had to call Richard and it was a good thing he did because Richard barely got out of the house.

We signed in at Science Bowl central and waited in the cafeteria. Tracey and David went crazy with the sugar and cream packets...It became more like coffee syrup than coffee. The waiting was pretty long and the speaker droned on and on. Paulson pointed out to us the smear on a window and we think it's a pigeon who smacked itself at the window. There was poop though so the pigeon released its bowels when it smacked itself?

Paulson had to call Richard a second time because he did not arrive at 7:45. Richard got lost and he was at the Staples center. Paulson had to call a second time because he ended up somewhere else. She gave him directions for some time and he finally arrived just when the matches started. :) We looked at the schedule and we were in the Los Angeles Room. Hmm, that room has dim lighting and it was pretty stuffy. This year, there are 31 schools, and 23 B teams. Science Bowl central said they are going to cut it down to 42 teams total. There are two new schools, and they are Harvard-Westlake A, Harvard-Westlake B, and Immaculate A and B. Private schools. +_+ Paulson said tuition at Harvard-Westlake was about $35,000. Jeez...

Lincoln A was in the same room as Bravo A, Granada A, North Hollywood A, Van Nuys A, El Camino Real A, and Venice A. We had three matches for the official scrimmage and we beat North Hollywood and El Camino. We lost against Granada though, but it wasn't by much. We kept getting outbuzzed! George was so pissed and I'm just kind of mad that I didn't buzz the instant I thought of the answer. There was this one match in which George waited for the clock to run until 17 seconds before he said the answer. After he said it, the match was over. He and I regretted it because it made us seem cruel and overconfident. Darn! Other matches were:

-North Hollywood beating Venice
-Granada beating North Hollywood
-Granada beating El Camino Real
-Bravo beating El Camino Real

B team apparently did pretty well on their matches. They were placed in a newbie room though which is pretty sad. :[ However, they totally slaughtered them. (: I think they won 2/3 of their matches, but I am not sure.

After the scrimmage was over, we signed up for a practice game in the Los Angeles Room. We lost against Harvard-Westlake A. I don't really know why but I know we are better than them. The score was only 8 to 32 or something at the end. The moderator wouldn't let us sign up for another match in the same room so we moved to another room. This was our last match and Paulson stayed with Team B's practice match in the Los Angeles Room. We beat one of the stronger teams. I can't remember who it was now. All in all, it was a good scrimmage for us. I'm happy I got the hair question right. The answer was 3 genes and 6 alleles. I also remembered waterspout from reading somewhere!

It is almost close to the time when we will start cramming, and cramming, and even more cramming. I don't care if geology and physics are not my study, I'm still reading those. Chemistry seems like a lost case to me. I can't seem to do the math portions. Especially when they ask those percentage questions of what percent is this solute of a solution, etc.
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