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The Unofficial Scrimmage of 12/2/07

Since Michelle Tran has not said anything to George and Richard yet, I'm assuming she is going to stay on the team.

On Scrimmage day, Paulson and Racquel, Ericka's mom, drove us to Cal State Northridge. The schools there were Granada, North Hollywood, and El Camino Real. I'll cut off all the trivial details and tell you the results.

Lincoln B Team lost every match and Lincoln A Team lost 3 matches. If I remember correctly that is. North Hollywood B team by about 100 points while North Hollywood A team bet us by 14 points about. We stayed until 6:00 pm for these matches.

We currently have to work on buzzing in faster and we have to learn the basics of every subject. I almost got into a fight with Michelle again on something small. :/ Bad me.

Today during practice, Nian and I tried captain-ing, and I'm not sure how it's going to work out. We know for sure that George is going to be captain and most likely Richard. For B team, most likely it is Tracey.
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