dhereztrez (dhereztrez) wrote in lhsscibowl,

Our display case =)

We finished the display case...hopefully it'll draw in more members for next year.  It's located at the end of the hall (sort of) when you're walking from Wong's room towards the main office.  It's huge...

-_- Unfortunately, that's what I actually said (the quote).  There are some fun questions that may interest people, with the cover box of my Scrabble set (it's so people might wonder what it's doing there and drop by to ask about it...maybe).  And because we always play Scrabble!

The blue shirt from Julie's year, plus Minh's drawing for this year.  There's a small sequence of pictures at the top, which is Jackson and William (then Andy) doing DBZ fusion -_-".

Another sequence, with Andy and Jackson jumping and kicking.  If you want those larger I can post them up as well.  Well, I will...eventually.  They're nice =).  Plus Andy's study guide (it's actually larger than mine O_O) and the program from the competition this year.

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